Ten Healthcare Jobs Without Medical School

If you are interested in a medical career, but the rigors and expense of medical school are beyond what you are willing to take on, consider applying to one of these jobs:

Article Attribution: GlassDoor.com

1. Surgical Technologist

These professionals ensure that operating rooms are sterile and stocked with equipment and supplies for surgical procedures. They also help prepare patients for surgery by disinfecting incision sites. Additionally, they support surgeons during procedures by handing them instruments and taking stock of their tools.

To qualify, candidates are required to enroll in a training program. It can take several months, or they can pursue an associate’s degree which takes about two years. Additionally, they can get certified in the field, which is optional but viewed favorably.  

National average salary: $43,560

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Projected job growth through 2024 (the total for all occupations is 7%): 15%